Who gets to decide the future of AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing at an exceedingly rapid pace, and it is important that we adopt AI intentionally. Young people today will likely live in a future world in which AI will be pervasive. They deserve a say in what this future will look like.


The goal of this platform is to facilitate a global dialog between Youth, the tech industry, policy makers in Governments and think-tanks, the United Nations and Academia. We will organize events from time to time.

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Project leads:
  • Lambert Hogenhout, Chief Data, Analytics and Emerging Tech, United Nations
  • Toshie Takahashi, Professor in the School of Culture, Media and Society, Waseda University, Japan
If you are a policy maker or a company representative and want to engage with the youth community, email us at team@afuturewithai.org.
If you are young person between 10 and 24 years old and want to become a member of the community, register your email address here.

Latest News

In early 2022 we conducted a study among young people around the world. We asked about their hopes, fears and ideas about the future coexistence of humans and AI. We have produced a report of the findings, including a Statement from Youth about the AI future they want.

In November 2022 we held a series of workshops with youth and representatives from industry, policy makers and the UN to discuss how to turn the ideas and suggestions of youth into action. A list of recommendations came out of these workshops.